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Medicinal Plants and Ayurvedic Formulations
A Comprehensive Database for Medical Professionals

Dr. Ernst Schrott, Dr. James Duke, Dr. Gandhidas S. Lavekar

This unique and comprehensive encyclopedia of ayurvedic medicinal plants and preparations describes over 800 plants and more than 1300 ayurvedic drugs. The plants are characterized according to ayurvedic and western scientific criteria and are illustrated with thousands of images. Many of the plants also grow and are available in Europe and other continents.

This digital database provides the scientific botanical names plus synonyms of the plant as well as their names in English, German, Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu, if available. The ingredients of most of the herbs are listed and summaries of an extensive number of scientific publications are provided.

The Ayurvedic preparations include numerous classical drugs as elaborated by the Indian Health Ministry as well as Maharishi Ayurveda food supplements and other ayurvedic preparations.

Herbs and ayurvedic preparations are interactively linked in many different ways. Using the search function one can obtain extensive and varied information.

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